Helping Keep Our Community Safe

During this difficult time, we all need help to stay safe and healthy. Ad Astra SoftWash has a team of trained professionals who stand ready 24/7 to disinfect & sanitize areas that may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Everyone needs to pay attention to sanitizing common surfaces. The CDC warns that the virus can live on various materials for hours or even days. This fact makes thoroughly cleaning public and private building areas vitally important, particularly since COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, is so easy to contract. That means homes, businesses, and community centers need frequent, professional attention.

We Provide Invoicing & Billing

Our Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services

Most areas in the United States either have current coronavirus cases or will have in the near future. Sadly, the virus is usually present in the community long before people are aware of it. That's why hiring our expert team makes sense. We can professionally and affordably disinfect and sanitize the following areas:

  • Ad Astra SoftWash, LLC

    Private Homes

    Keep the exterior of your home safe for you and your family. We follow current CDC recommendations for cleaning methods and products.

  • Ad Astra SoftWash, LLC

    Businesses - Large & Small

    Our experience in the local area makes us qualified to sanitize your business areas to ensure your employees and customers are as safe as possible.

  • Ad Astra SoftWash, LLC

    Schools & Playgrounds

    Keeping our children safe is highly important right now! We can safely sanitize playgrounds, parks & school areas.

  • Ad Astra SoftWash, LLC

    Childcare & Medical Facilities

    Our medical professionals are in the front lines; keeping their surroundings clean is imperative to their health so that they can continue to serve our community.

  • Ad Astra SoftWash, LLC

    Shopping Carts, Community Centers & More

    As we adjust to our new normal, there are certain items and areas we will all still be in contact with. Let us sanitize those high-traffic items and areas!

  • Ad Astra SoftWash, LLC

    Commercial & Industrial Sites

    Let us help you to adopt & implement safety procedures and recommendations so that your facilities can continue to operate safely.

Although the situation is critical, you can help safeguard your community by minimizing exposure to the virus. Regular deep-cleaning of shared areas lessens the chance that your family, your customers and your employees become infected.

The Ad Astra Way

Our Ad Astra team can handle outdoor sanitation jobs using the safest and most effective cleaning substances and methods, including:

  • Pressure washing
  • Manual surface cleaning, including wiping and washing areas.
  • Safe Application of Sodium Hypochlorite that will kill the virus.

Plus, we follow current CDC recommendations for cleaning methods and products. And as the medical professionals adapt their approach to the virus, we will stay current with any new guidelines they issue. We want to help you keep your family and neighbors as safe as possible for the duration of this crisis.

Take Action: Let's Clean It Up!

According to the experts, this virus will affect the way we live for months if not years. You will rest easier if you take steps to rid your home or business of the virus, particularly if you know your property has been exposed.

You can set up regular disinfection and sanitization services or have us come for a one-time power clean. Our prices are quite affordable, and you will receive a free estimate before you commit to a purchase. Plus, we offer contactless invoices/billing service. To get started, just submit your information online or by calling (913) 620-1000.

This virus spreads quickly, so do not delay. Millions of people have already been affected in one way or another by this health crisis. Let our professional team help you fight this threat to our nation so we can return to normal once more.