Fence and Deck Cleaning

Inviting. Safe. Durable. Your exterior should exude all of these qualities. But more than anything, they should life your property up - not bring it down. Ad Astra Softwash ensures that your fence and deck bring the best to your exterior!

Pressure Washing for Property Success

We utilize an advanced pressure washing system to restore your fence or deck to their optimal condition. Using this approach, our team will:

  • Remove dirt and stains
    Whether you’re facing serious stains from pollen, dirt buildup, or other eyesores, our team is here to help. Our technology is primed to remove virtually all debris that don’t belong.
  • Eliminate mildew, mold, and algae
    Our team doesn’t just remove bacterial growth - we use cleaning products that kill it. This prevents the issue from coming back, and keeps your property quality at its best.
  • Brighten the surface
    With our pressure washing approach, your deck or fence won’t just get a quick clean - it gets a restorative service that invests in the curb appeal of your property.

The Ad Astra Softwash Difference

Your property is unique. So it makes sense that our service is unique, too. With Ad Astra Softwash, you can count on exceptional quality with:

  • Customized service
    After assessing the surface of your deck or fence, we will determine whether pressure washing or soft washing is the safest and most effective approach.
  • Top technology
    We invest in the industry’s best pressure washing equipment and cleaning products, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best.
  • Long-term results
    We don’t want to give our clients a quick fix; we want you to enjoy long-lasting benefits. That’s where our investment in top quality service comes into play.

With deck and fence cleaning from Ad Astra Softwash, every aspect of your exterior is covered. And your property doesn’t just get beautiful curb appeal - it gets quality that lasts.