Lawn Aeration

Your lawn deserves some breathing space, too. Ad Astra Softwash delivers a lawn aeration service that invests in a lush, green lawn - and long-lasting health to match!

Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

There’s more to a healthy lawn than a routine trim. In fact, lawn aeration is one of the most effective actions you can take to invest in the health of your soil and grass. With our professional service, you can expect the best in:

  • Root health
    Our service will help your roots stay stronger, so they can create a solid foundation for a healthy lawn to grow.
  • Lawn fertilization capacity
    Aeration maxes out the capacity of your lawn to reap the rewards of fertilizer, meaning that you get more benefits from less application.
  • Overall appearance
    Your lawn will look healthier. Each blade will be greener. And the positive impact will last longer.

Our Lawn Aeration Service

With proper care, your lawn will be a beacon of emerald green throughout the year! Our team delivers a core aeration service. This process uses special machinery called a lawn aerator to “core” your lawn. In doing so, we remove cores of packed soil from the surface area. This doesn’t just prevent soil compaction - it also gives your lawn space to breathe.

Give your property the gift of a beautiful, lush, and green lawn! Chat with our lawn aeration specialists today to build out a service schedule that will keep your property at its prime throughout the year.